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      Philips cut quality and network security market line for the first try to solve the chaos
      Time:2011/11/22 15:56:59  Source:DONGGUAN CHENG YI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD  View Rate:

      Environment of increased uncertainty and Philips did not affect the existing strategic arrangements. Recently, Philips turn vision and aimed at the needs of 4 billion yuan and the annual growth rate of more than 15% of the cable market. Right now, the analogy with the widely used data service, the quality of China's Internet infrastructure is facing a severe test of the quality of a network cable wiring requirements engineering will become increasingly stringent. Philips was spotted this opportunity, weak recently entered the Chinese wire and cable industry, aimed against the cable market.

       The data show a number of authorities, more than 70% of network failure is a total investment of less than 10% of the whole system caused by the network wiring. In the domestic market, counterfeit or substandard cable high proportion surprising. Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision had cable products on the market for a random test, more than 60% of product failure; Similarly, Guangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision of the border area more than 60 schools, hospitals, authorities and institutions Cabling quality checks pass rate was only 15%. Market conditions so unbearable, really worthy of attention of the authorities.

      It is understood that after the status of the Chinese market from Philips carried out a detailed investigation and research, making it the main push new products to the Chinese pay more attention to product performance is consistent with the needs of the mainland market. Currently, Philips has developed in two series of high network wire products, mainly for engineering wiring, smart home wiring and home business. Products are higher than the national standards, such as ultra-high-speed Internet lines using five 0.52 mm diameter high purity oxygen-free copper core, higher than the national standard of 0.5 mm, while the six lines is 0.58 mm diameter high pure oxygen-free copper core, insulation, and other materials outside is in strict accordance with the EU's RoHS environmental standards, choice of materials and production. Decay products, anti-crosstalk, transmission rate and delay in the performance parameters is good. Flame-retardant grade CM, with the provisions of 20KW strip torch burning (70,000 BTU / Hr) 20 minutes, the flames can spread to the upper end of the cable and self-extinguishing, working environment at temperatures below 80 degrees does not soften the product is not deformed.
      Face of the domestic market environment more complex, Philips network lines only strictly to ensure product quality, early in the production of full consideration of subsequent security issues. Specifically through the following measures to protect the genuine safe hands of the end user.

      First: In the early production of wire rod, the printing on the wire can be added to the dense printed specifically identified;

      Second: Set the date the password and printing products and products outside the box corresponding to the date and batch;

      Third: the use of coinage products box on the current currency system the most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and dual-temperature anti-counterfeiting ink technology;

      Fourth: batch tracking and telephone inquiries.

      Quadruple security with more than 95% recognition rate brand identity, no doubt early in the product market to maximize the potential to eliminate counterfeiting.

      Philips network line with excellent quality, advanced security technology and experienced engineering background, the domestic cable market, no doubt as a weapon, can be expected, a new round of reshuffle the market is about to begin, perhaps full consolidation The fresh atmosphere and healthy after the order is more worthy of our expectations.

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